Benefits of Order Picker Forklift Training in Melbourne

order picker forklift training in Melbourne

Regarding warehouse and logistics operations in Melbourne, order pickers and forklifts are essential tools for moving and organising goods. However, despite their similar functions, there are distinct differences between the two machines. Understanding these differences can help them choose the suitable machine for their job. Read on as Start Training explains the difference below.

Order Picker vs Forklift? What’s the Difference?

Order pickers are often used in distribution centres or other operations where space is limited and vertical storage is necessary. It typically consists of a platform with a railing and a pallet jack that can be raised and lowered to allow the operator to pick goods from high shelves. They are ideal for picking small items from shelves and can be used in narrow aisles where other machines cannot.

On the other hand, a forklift is a machine designed for lifting and moving heavy loads. It has two long arms that can be inserted under the load and raised by hydraulic power. Forklifts are commonly used in manufacturing, construction and other operations where heavy loads must be moved across a warehouse floor.

Why is it Beneficial to Get Both Licenses?

Both machines require specific training and knowledge to operate safely and obtaining a license ensures that operators have received proper training and understand how to manage the machines safely. This protects workers from injury and reduces the risk of accidents that could damage goods or equipment. 

Moreover, many industries require both forklift and order picker operators. By obtaining both an order picker forklift training in Melbourne and a forklift licence course in Melbourne, individuals can demonstrate their versatility and knowledge, making them more attractive to potential employers who may offer higher wages.

Order Picker Course in Melbourne AU With Start Training

Start Training offers both an order picker course in Melbourne and a forklift licence course in Melbourne. By completing these courses, you can gain the necessary skills and certifications, increase job opportunities and improve your career.

Ready to take your material handling skills to the next level? Contact us online or call us on 03 9756 0244 to learn about our training courses.

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