Forklift Training – Our 5 Top Tips

Tips For Finding The Right Forklift Training

Forklift training is a vital way to help Australian businesses stay safe whilst remaining productive. But how to ensure you’re choosing a great trainer and selecting the right kinds of courses? Here are our 5 top tips to help you find the right training organisation for you and your team.

1) Finding Talented Trainers

A talented teacher is often difficult to find. It’s a rare mix of communication skills, real world experience, and a commitment to sharing this knowledge with the wider community. When it comes to forklift training, your instructor needs to have serious experience and the man hours behind the wheel. Talk to them about their past professional experience and see if they have what it takes.

2) Real Industry Experience

Some trainers may seem experienced, but do they really have the on-the-job knowhow that you need? It’s not enough to simply have a theoretical approach based on classroom activities. It’s all about finding a rigorous, tailored approach that incorporates both theory and practice. Look for an organisation that works with both gas and battery powered forklifts, along with order pickers, counterbalance forklifts and reach forklifts.

3) Free Retest Options

Learning something new and developing a real skillset isn’t always a linear trajectory. We all know that failure is part of the process and a necessary path on the journey towards success. So, you need to find a training organisation that places this approach at the heart of their business. On a practical level, this should mean free retests and additional training, so that you know you’ll be supported every step of the way.

4) How To Find Work

Finding work is a key part of professional development, but one that’s often overlooked. You could be the most well trained forklift operator around, but if you don’t know how to find work and receive offers then this won’t be a benefit to you. When you’re exploring your options, ask your trainer whether they offer industry advice and the kinds of employment that their graduates gain.

5) Safety Habits That Really Stick

Is your trainer all about getting students out the door as quickly as possible and just offering generic advice with no real aim? Or are they dedicated to enriching the local business community and offering safety practices that genuinely benefit forklift operators? Safety shouldn’t be something that’s simply learned in a classroom, but rather an approach to every task and evident in all that you do.

Discover The Best Local Trainers

Start Training is recognised as the training organisation of choice for the warehousing and construction sectors across Melbourne and Victoria. Our talented team of trainers are dedicated to ensuring that you and your colleagues stay safe on the job by providing free retests and industry-leading training. To learn more about what we offer, simply contact our experts today.

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