How Will a First Aid Certificate Help My Career?

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In today’s competitive job market, it pays to invest in skills that make you stand out. By enrolling in practical, nationally recognised first aid courses Melbourne job seekers can improve their employment prospects. Below the team at Start Training outline some of the ways getting a first aid certification online can help.

A Skill in Demand

First aid skills are a valuable asset to workplaces in every industry. While having staff members trained in first aid isn’t a legal requirement in Australia, Safe Work recommends one first aider for every 50 workers in a low risk workplace and one per 25 workers in a high risk workplace. 

Many organisations and businesses prioritise workplace health and safety, often paying to get some or all their staff trained in first aid. Having a first aid certificate already can give you the edge over other applicants in the employer’s eyes, particularly in hazardous work environments.

Showing Initiative

Getting your first aid certificate shows you have initiative and are willing to equip yourself with additional, practical skills outside of your core expertise. Improving yourself and learning new skills is an attractive attribute to possess in the eyes of potential employers. Gaining valuable life skills like first aid training can show organisations and businesses they are hiring a candidate with an ambitious and positive attitude that will work hard. 

Implies You Have Other Skills

The skills gained during first aid training are transferable to many other skills required in the day-to-day workplace. For example, the ability to maintain a level head during a stressful situation, problem solving, focus, compassion and decision making skills. 

By participating in first aid courses Melbourne job applicants can show they are a team player and a potential leader with the foresight to predict and address potential issues. It’s also the type of certification that any employer can understand the value of as opposed to things like participation at summits or workshops that are more vague or esoteric. 

First Aid Training for Melbourne Job Seekers

Start Training makes first aid training both easy and effective. Complete a first aid certification online with a short face to face component in a friendly and supportive environment where students of all experiences and backgrounds can train in comfort and with confidence. 

You can enrol in first aid training at one of our training centres in Ferntree Gully, Carrum Downs, Campbellfield or Sunshine West. Make a booking today or contact us for more information. 

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