Can I Get a First Aid Certification Online in Australia?

First Aid Training

As a leading provider for cutting-edge industry specific safety courses in Australia, Start Training knows that a certification is about much more than passing a test. First aid courses in Melbourne empower you by providing you with the latest information on first aid and CPR training that is specific to your industry, whether that be warehousing, construction or other industrial sites. With our emphasis on safety and skill sharing, we ensure that our students are uniquely positioned to protect themselves and others should the need arise.

How Long Does First Aid Certification Online Take?

In general, a thorough and effective training module for CPR may take up to 2 hours. A comprehensive first aid training course that also includes CPR may take up to 4 hours. Although it is possible to do all theory based training online, Start Training’s HLTAID011 Provide First Aid and HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation courses require a 3 hour in person practical so that our instructors can make sure that your skills can be used effective in an emergency situation.

Can I Get Higher Level First Aid Training?

Level 1 and Level 2 first aid courses in Melbourne instruct students on how to perform basic first aid and CPR. Start Training is a leading provider of Level 2 CPR and first aid training courses to professionals in Australia. Level 3 advanced first aid courses in Melbourne provide students with a deeper understanding of CPR training as well as safety training that considers the specific hazards faced by workers in certain work environments.

Is the First Aid Course Suitable for Child Care or Aged Care?

Whether the first aid training certification is required for an industrial site, child care or aged care facility, a HLTAID009-cpr and HLTAID011-first aid (Level 2) certification is required by nearly all workplaces. Schools, child care and aged care centres may require individuals to complete additional first aid training to respond to asthma and anaphylaxis.

How Long Does First Aid Certification Last?

Start Training recommends that you renew your CPR training course every 12 months to ensure that your technique is optimal. First aid courses should be refreshed every 3 years. Contact us today for more information related to first aid certification online.

Comprehensive CPR and First Aid Courses in Melbourne

Contact Start Training today to learn more about the benefits of first aid training courses that are fully compliant with the latest Australian safety norms.

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