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Alcohol Courses

Completing an RSA course helps individuals learn the skills required to thrive in jobs that involve serving alcohol. Whether the establishment engages in the general sale of alcohol or packaged liquor, RSA training is a standard requirement to ensure safety and compliance with state alcohol laws. At Start Training, we offer affordable and convenient state approved RSA courses.

What Is RSA Training?

In order to sell or supply alcohol in Victoria, individuals are required to complete an RSA training program offered by a state approved training location.

An RSA training program covers a number of topics such as:

  • Liquor laws in Victoria that are related to serving and selling alcohol
  • Information about intoxication
  • Training related to assessing customers who are intoxicated, refusing service and assisting customers to drink responsibly
  • How to ensure minors are not served alcohol, how to check ID and preventing secondary sale of alcohol
  • Information on compliance

Why Do You Need RSA Training?

Australian laws require establishments such as clubs and bars to conform to state laws regarding the sale of alcohol. Regulations are in place to prevent alcohol related accidents, sale of alcohol to minors, and to protect establishments from alcohol related crimes. RSA training is provided to all personnel in the alcohol industry in order to create a safer environment not only for pubs, but for the community at large.

The benefits of RSA Training include:

  • Prevention of alcohol related crime
  • Practical information on how to handle intoxicated patrons
  • The skills to be versatile and proactive in an establishment that serves alcohol
  • Access to a diverse range of employment opportunities that require RSA certification

How long does it take to complete RSA training?

At Start Training, an RSA course combines the best aspects of online learning and practical training. Our theory module is available online for free, and is followed by a 4 hour practical that provides you all the training you need. Start Training is a highly regarded, approved training provider for RSA courses.

Online RSA Refresher and RSA Training Melbourne

Start Training offers in-depth RSA training courses at four locations in Victoria. Our team of experienced trainers ensures that you receive the training you need to thrive in a number of RSA related jobs in Australia. Contact us now for more information on training courses, or sign up today!

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