The Ultimate Guide to RSA Courses and Training in AUS

RSA Courses

RSA training in Melbourne is designed to keep bars, clubs and communities safe while ensuring that alcohol is served and sold in a responsible and legally compliant way. At Start Training, you can get your certification by enrolling in courses that allow you to learn RSA online in Melbourne. Our courses also include a practical training module conducted by professionals with years of experience in the RSA industry.

What Is an RSA Course in Melbourne?

RSA training is designed to provide individuals with the information and skills they need to succeed in job environments where the responsible sale of alcohol is absolutely necessary. Start Training’s RSA modules are all about empowering individuals and giving them the means to be competent and versatile in any environment. RSA training takes an in-depth look at liquor laws related to selling and serving alcohol, information about the safe consumption of alcohol, signs of intoxication, refusal of sale to customers and preventing the sale of alcohol to minors. Most importantly, RSA training indicates to local and state authorities that an establishment is committed to serving alcohol legally and to keeping the surrounding community safe.

Why Do I Need RSA Training?

Just some of the benefits of RSA training include:

Prevention of Alcohol Related Crime

Employees trained in RSA are more likely to identify the early signs of alcohol related crime. Whether it’s refusing service to an intoxicated customer or preventing juvenile drinking, RSA certified individuals understand the dangers of overconsumption of alcohol and know how to keep customers safe.

Practical Skills

RSA training places great importance on teaching individuals practical, real world skills to deal with potential problems in an environment where alcohol is being served. RSA employees are knowledgeable about alcohol laws, signs of intoxication and methods for handling various situations in a professional manner.

How do you complete an RSA course?

If you are seeking employment in the hospitality sector, you will require an RSA card to show that you have completed an approved training program. At Start Training, getting your RSA card is a simple process. Select a course date at one of our locations, select the number of spots you would like to book, follow a simple checkout process and confirm your spot through online payment.

Industry Leading RSA Course Online VIC

Contact Start Training today to find out how an RSA certification can upgrade your resume and open up a whole new world of employment opportunities.

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