Why You Should Get An Elevated Work Platform License

Construction worker wearing safety harness and safety line working at high place

When it comes to operating machinery in the workplace, it’s always important to have the correct training and license. With safety and accuracy a priority on the worksite, the Elevated Work Platform License will allow you to possess the knowledge and skills to operate equipment responsibly. To attain your license, get in touch with the team at Start Training to begin your elevated work platform training.

Nationally Recognised and WorkSafe Accredited 

Text: By undertaking the elevated work platform training course with Start Training, you’ll receive practical and theoretical training from experienced professionals, who can provide you with the confidence and competence to operate EWP correctly. Upon completion, you will receive a Statement of Attainment and be able to operate boom lifts with a length of 11 metres or more. We are nationally recognised providers of EWP training and aim to provide students with a realistic training environment that allows them to enter the workplace and use their new license with confidence. 

Stand Out in the Workplace

Be the employee that your team can rely on, by getting accredited today. Add the EWP license to your skillset and have the confidence to operate this equipment when needed in the workplace. The more experience and knowledge you possess, the more tasks you can complete, broadening your skills at work. With our fully accredited and professional course, you will be able to operate boom lifts at a length of 11 metres or more, improving safety and efficiency within the workplace. Don’t risk boom lift operation without a license; get accredited today. 

Experienced and Professional Training 

The team at Start Training will provide you with the practical skills and experience to succeed in the workplace. We are passionate about providing a positive training experience to students, and our values are based on creating skilled and confident workers. As a nationally recognised and WorkSafe accredited organisation, we strive to provide the best training facilities that align with current industry standards and reflect a realistic working environment.

To book the Elevated Work Platform training course with Start Training, contact us today at 03 9756 0244 or visit our website to find out more about us.

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