Forklift Training Melbourne and Victoria – How to Get a Forklift Licence

Forklift Training Melbourne and Victoria – How to Get a Forklift License With recent changes to licensing requirements Forklift Training Melbourne and Victoria can appear to be complicated. In this article, we look at Forklift Training Melbourne and Victoria in detail and decipher the requirements so you don’t have to. Forklifts in the Workplace [...]

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Earthmoving in Environmental Investigations

Earthmoving in Environmental Investigations Earthmoving in Environmental Investigations is a common practice. Environmental scientists are required to assess and log soil and fill to depth on a given site and one of the best ways of achieving this is through excavation. Environmental works can also include clean up activities, referred [...]

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A Closer Look At Scissor Lifts

A Closer Look At Scissor Lifts Elevated Work Platforms (or EWP for short) including scissor lifts were initially conceived for use in the construction industry but some have made the transition into mainstream retail and even personal use. The scissor lift is a good example of a machine which has [...]

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Top 5 Common Forklift Operator Mistakes

Common Forklift Operator Mistakes Even the most experienced forklift operators make mistakes from forgetting regular maintenance to something more serious such as misjudging the weight of a load or taking a corner too fast. Common Forklift Operator Mistakes can be avoided by following a set of basic rules and using a bit of common sense. [...]

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Forklift Speed Limits – An Overview

Setting appropriate forklift speed limits in the work environment is important for the safety of both operators and pedestrians who work alongside the travelling forklifts every day. Mapping a forklift path successfully requires an understanding of the capabilities of forklifts when under load and the risks involved when a forklift’s speed is not managed properly. [...]

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Common Causes of Forklift Accidents

It is an unfortunate reality that forklift accidents occur in Australian workplaces every year. Information, communication and mutual support are all powerful tools which assist in minimising the risks for both workplaces and employees alike. This article explores some of the most common causes of a forklift accident and ways to maximise operator safety.

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Reach Forklift vs Counterbalance Forklift

Written by Samantha Marshall As the world turns and the cost of living steadily goes up, saving on space is a key factor in both household and industrial budgets. Whilst counterbalance forklifts have long been established as the backbone of the lifting industry, a reach forklift can be indispensable to warehouses [...]

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